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Signal sampling - MATLAB

  • Signal sampling is an important part of the analog signal digitization process. With good sampling, the signal can be re-reduced almost without loss.
  • Script description:

  • A random number generator will generate a time frame of 1 to 10 seconds.
  • Generates a signal amplitude of 1 - 5 Hz.
  • The script generates a random sequence from these input data, taking into account the maximum frequency.
  • The original analog signal is visualized in a line graph.
  • The signal will be sampled at 2 * fmax, 3 * fmax and 10 * fmax.
  • The script calculates the sampling frequency based on the sampling frequencies.
  • The sampling rate determines how often the signal is sampled. The lower the number, the better the sampling rate.
  • The sampled signal is graphed both as a curve and digitally with sampling points.
  • Source code on Github: Github repo