XTIME C Calculator Decimal Hexadecimal Multiplycation Bit

xtime function in C language

  • The xtime () function in the AES algorithm is a multiplication of 02 in the decimal system. The function can also be used for hexadecimal or binary input format
  • The program works with the standard input of the user who can enter the inputs and the program returns the result. By using the program, it specifies the hexadecimal or decimal shape of each input.

  • Makefile for compilation - make all:

    all: dec hex
      gcc -o dec.exe dec.c
      gcc -o hex.exe hex.c 

    Program in C language:

    Not for free. If you want to purchase project: martinius96@gmail.com

    DEC output

    Xtime calculator in C language - DEC OUTPUT

    HEX output

    Xtime calculator in C language - HEX OUTPUT