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Weather Station - Open Hardware Portal

A programmed portal for connecting open-access users to a web backend that takes care of recording and displaying measured data for registered users with multi-user access to the web application Backend offers data processing:
  • - Temperature
  • - Humidity
  • - Air pressure
  • Each registered user chooses one of the available hardware to use:
  • - Arduino + W5100 Ethernet shield / W5500 module
  • - NodeMCU (v2, v3)
  • - ESP32 (devkits)
  • The user further creates a measurement configuration for:
  • - BME280
  • - DHT22, BMP280
  • - SI7021 (SHT21), BMP280
  • - DHT22, BMP180
  • - SI7021 (SHT21), BMP180
  • Web
  • - The web backend generates the source code for the corresponding hardware-clicked board that the user himself uploads to the board and communicates with the site. Each board sends to the web data + a security key that verifies the board that the user"s data arrives and is visualized to him. The system is stable, brisk.
  • - For Wiznet W5100 / W5500 Arduino and Ethernet modules only HTTP connectivity is supported. With ESP32 and ESP8266, both HTTPS connectivity and ESP32 support enterprise and university 802.1x protocols.
  • - The web checks how often the user uploads data, writes only one record in 5 minutes in the default setting, which is quite sufficient for weather development.
  • - Web can represent data graphically, table hierarchically in 24h / 7 days / 30 days. A web user can see the arrival of new data in real time.
  • - Within the web application, a user can make his weather station visible so that anyone can view it, including the user"s site, as well as its height above sea level.
  • - Users have real-time chat on the web where they can communicate, exchange questions and answer, communicate.
  • - The administrator account on the web can block the user and hence his weather station due to: Inadmissible modification of the microcontroller source code (generated by the web), vulgarisms, inappropriate behavior, etc.