Arduino KY-022 KY-005 SONY Panasonic NEC RC5 RC6 JVC AIWA RC-T501 WHYNTER IR GAME

IR LASER game - two teams

Description of functionality:

  • The principle of the game is to eliminate second team players
  • Each player is equipped with a KY-005 transmitter and IR receiver - KY-022 module.
  • When a player hits another player, the affected player lights up on a series of LEDs, indicating that the player is out of the current game.
  • Reach is possible up to 18 meters. It is possible to use the available protocols: NEC, RC5, RC6, SONY, JVC, AIWA RC-T501, Panasonic or WHYNTER to send data through them.
  • The transmitter and receiver are fully compatible for these protocols.
  • Can also be modified to friendly-fire, or broadcast a different protocol for each team, eliminating any interference from a player on the same team.
  • Can be used in different game modes, Team Deathmatch, Free-for-all, Search and Destroy, Capture Points
  • To make the game harder and more difficult to transmit, the IR receiver can only be placed in the housing for direct hit, as it has a reception angle of + -45 °.
  • With simple game logic, the source code can be cloned to an unlimited number of players.
  • Suitable for sports facilities, halls, easy sustainability, cloning ability, maintenance-free operation, low power consumption, in the order of 40-80 mA at 5V (Arduino + peripherals).
  • Hardware used:

  • Arduino Nano Arduino Nano
  • KY-005 Transmitter IR Transmitter KY-005
  • KY-022 receiver IR receiver KY-022
  • LEDs / Strips LED Strips
  • Wiring diagram:

    IR LASER GAME schéma zapojenia