About website

Arduino ESP8266 ESP32 PHP HTML MySQL MATLAB IoT Sigfox GSM, NB-IoT Lora, LoraWAN WiFi Ethernet MQTT

Portfolio of completed projects:

  • Portfolio serves for presentation of already created projects, which can be tested directly on this website, you can also find source codes for Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266 and try them directly in the project you are interested in.
  • I create only software. The most common web-oriented systems connected to Arduino microcontrollers or IoT platforms of the ESP32, ESP8266 type, which send data to the MySQL database. HTML markup language, with simple fontend elements in Bootstrap, CSS, PHP programming at procedural level, microcontroller programming in simplified C - Wiring language. I create simple scripts in MATLAB.
  • I am able to create more complex web systems to automate homes, gardens controlled by time, weather, temperature, humidity and other entities using control microcontrollers that communicate with different technologies - WiFi, Ethernet, GSM, Lora, Sigfox.
  • I have done several projects for multiuser web applications - see. in Web projects, as well as interactive applications such as RFID doorman.
  • Possible cooperation with companies on simple tasks solved by Remote form (or Part time in Košice) - in areas: sending data to your REST API, PHP request GET, POST method. Modifying your programs, DeepSleep, Watchdog implementation, data archiving, evaluation.
  • I can also supply simple electrical schematics created in Eagle for wiring individual components.