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Web Heating Portal - Open Hardware Pripojiť sa!

  • A built-in web backend written in PHP that acts as a data collection gateway for users registered on the site. Every registered user chooses the hardware he uses - a development board through which data is sent to the web.
  • Choose from:
  • Arduino + Ethernet shield W5100, or W5500 module
  • NodeMCU / ESP8266
  • ESP32       
  • The system uses DS18B20 digital thermometers on the OneWire bus.
  • The page allows you to record and view up to 6 temperatures, one of which is the control temperature that controls the house heating.
  • Heating includes 2 modes
  • Auto - based on measured temperature, target with optional hysteresis
  • Manual - Classic on / off request without
  • The portal also allows you to represent the measured temperatures during the day and plot them in a bar graph. The website allows you to change the names of rooms / sensors from which the data is taken; among registered users
  • The app is brisk, offering an interesting way to collect and represent data in multiuser web applications. Each user has a unique identifier by which they can upload data to the page. Spammers (boards that send invalid data) can be removed from the administration interface.
  • Since Arduino boards with Ethernet shields that do not support HTTPS are integrated into the system, it is necessary to have both HTTP and HTTPS variants of the page. The HTTPS variant is used for ESP8266, which requires a fingerprint certificate and ESP32 requires a Root CA certificate for a successful connection.
  • Each device can send data to the web once per minute (if sent more often, the system discards this data) - prevents database overflowing + regularly deletes old data.
  • The system uses a MySQL database and a series of user tables, measured data, heating status, and temperature-based control with selected hysteresis.
  • The system will be enhanced with voice control in English, alarm charts and other representation statistics.