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Beekeeping scale - Try online HERE!!!

  • Beekeeping scale is mainly used for weighing hives and bee products. The goal is to have a hive status at any time without having to travel to physically check the hive.
  • The balance can be connected to the Internet and tied to the web application to which it sends data.
  • Web application offers a user interface with real-time data view, connection to MySQL database where it stores data from microcontrollers.
  • A secondary implementation of the scale may also be communication by other technologies for transmission in the order of meters to kilometers, with the output being, for example, to a UART monitor or data being sent to the Internet by other technology.
  • The weighing scale uses a strain gauge and a 24-bit HX711 analog-to-digital converter for very accurate measurements.
  • The possibility of weighing grams, up to tens of kilograms, there are strain gauges for 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, which are sold directly with the HX711 converter.
  • Hardware for transferring data to the web interface

  • Arduino + Wiznet Ethernet W5100 - HTTP
  • ESP8266 (WiFi) - HTTP / HTTPS
  • ESP32 (WiFi) - HTTP / HTTPS
  • Arduino + Sigfox Wisol SFM10R1 (868 MHz) - HTTPS callback
  • Hardware for data transfer between beekeeping scales (not to web interface)

  • RF Transceiver (315 / 433MHz) - max. 80 meters
  • nRF24L01 + / nRF24L01 + PA + LNA (2.4GHz) - max. 1100 meters
  • IR (wavelength 700 - 1000nm) - max. 10 meters
  • RS232 / RS485 - max. 1200 meters
  • LoRa - max. hundreds of kilometers
  • Wiring diagram - Arduino + HX711 + strain gauge:

    Beekeeping scale - wiring diagram - HX711, strain gauge, Arduino

    Screenshots of web applications:

    Včelárska váha - webaplikácia - prehľad posledných nameraných hodnôt, indikátor pripojenia
    Včelárska váha - webaplikácia - budíkové reprezentácie nameraných údajov (posledné / maximálne / minimálne) za časové obdobie dňa, týždňa, mesiaca
    Včelárska váha - webaplikácia - história nameraných údajov s rozdielovou vizualizáciou v tabuľke
    Včelárska váha - webaplikácia - grafická reprezentácia vývoja váhy úľa v čase